Tuesday, November 3, 2009

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Hot Korean Model Danni Young Sexy Pearls

Sexy young Korean beauty, Danni Young, comes to us from La Crescent, California.

She is an exotic glamour model and hot import nights girl who has been modeling for the last five years, mainly as a hobby.

Danni is a full time student whom will be attending Fashion School in New York.

Danni has a perfectly sculpted body, beautiful eyes, and a killer personality.

She loves anything morbid and releated to Horror. You should see her port at One Model Place.

Don’t let her innocence fool you, she’s got a devil by her side, and an inclination towards the kinky stuff. Everyone loves the kinky stuff! Danni Young is truly a devilishly, sexy Korean misfit, and we love her for it.

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dangeoruslovely model picture
Misa Campo’s picture to the right is from one of her most popular photo shoots that’s been rotated on the internet. Misa Campo wearing a green Sprite t-shirt and a black thong sitting on the bed. H-O-T! Misa Campo, a Montreal, Quebec, Canada native, is without a doubt one of the top Asian models in the import car industry. Is she a perfect blend of Filipina and Dutch ethnicity? The legions of Misa Campo fans seem to think so, and don’t count them out on donating an organ or catch a bullet to be with her, if they had the chance.



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