Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gothic Photography

Gothic photography is a vague term which is almost as difficult to define than the Goth culture itself. Although some photography Goth is dark, gloomy and macabre, the subjects of photography Gothic may be more diverse than cemeteries and bleak landscapes. Goth Photography May include portraits ranging from serious and playful and fetish of black humor.

Goth culture
As a product of the Gothic subculture, gothic photography can be understood as having an understanding of the Goth culture.
The Gothic movement started during the late 1970s and 1980s. Part of the original punk scene, Goths gradually diverged from punk to assume a distinct identity.Rather than ignoring the darker side of life, Goth culture accepts and focuses on death, suffering and pain. However, this does not mean that the Goths deny life and positive emotions. Instead, they have an interest in the areas of life than non-Goths generally view with unease.
While the Goth fashion colors tend to predominantly black and white, reds and purples also play a role. Yet, like any other field of fashion, individual tastes come in. While some Goths for fishnets and lacey patterns of 18th century costumes, Goths others prefer more industrial or leather-based methods .
Culture Goth, Goth and photography, is ultimately a desire to see beauty in the disturbing or morbid. Goth is as diverse as the writings of Poe and the words of contemporary Goth bands.



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