Sunday, December 7, 2008

Real models glam up 'Fashion'

While making a movie on the fashion world, it makes sense to rope in actual models from the fashion industry itself.

Madhur Bhandarkar , who likes to keep utmost authenticity in his slice-of-life films, actually signed as many as 46 real models (both female and male) to be part of his movie Fashion . However, none of these models was given substantial roles. Their parts were mainly walk-in roles.

Among the real models in the film are: Jesse Randhawa , Aanchal Kumar, Nayonika Chatterjee, Mridula Sharma, Bhavna Sharma, Diandra Soares, Binal Trivedi, Sucheta Sharma, Alicia Raut and Joey Mathews.

These models were basically part of the sequences showing fashion shows and back-stage preparations in the film.

Madhur shot the scenes in such a way that the models never got to feel as if they were shooting for a movie. He made them feel as if they were participating in a fashion show.

Model Nayonika Chatterjee tells a tabloid that she was apprehensive before shooting for the film because she had heard tales of long delays in shooting. But she admits she was impressed by the level of professionalism on the sets of Bhandarkar’s film.

The movie also stars model-turned-actress Mugdha Godse in an important role. However, the main roles are reserved for actors like Priyanka Chopra (who is a former Miss World) and Kangana Ranaut .

‘Fashion’ is set to premiere in Dubai. The movie hits the theatres on October 29.


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