Monday, December 8, 2008

Nigar Khan's ex is out of another relationship!

Sahil Khan , the ex husband of sex bomb Nigar Khan , has walked out of another relationship. This time it was a German girl.

After an unsuccessful marriage with Nigar, Sahil is now coming out of a failed live-in relationship with a German girl, Andrea Kinga, whom he met around a year ago.

Initially, the two got along very well, and Andrea even came to Mumbai to be with Sahil. At first, she stayed in a hotel, but Sahil later insisted that she move in to his flat in Juhu. Andrea moved in and the couple were in a live-in relationship for months.

But then, things began to take a different turn.

According to Sahil, Andrea began insisting on marriage. But Sahil says he was not ready to tie the knot because his career in films is still not secure. Eventually, the two decided to part ways amicably.

Andrea has now gone back to Germany and is looking forward to marry another guy in Australia.

Sahil says despite the break-off he and Andrea are still friends and he hopes the best for her in the future.

Sahil is presently focused on his next movie Fauj Mein Mauj that has him acting with Mallika Sherawat for the first time.


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