Monday, August 22, 2011

Olla Ramlan Sexy Lingerie Photos

Olla Ramlan
Febiolla Ramlan better known as the Olla Ramlan stage is bloody Dayak. Women’s birth Bhopal, February 15, 1980 is starting a career in the entertainment world as a finalist after entering the election arena Cover Girl Fashion 1997. Is the older brother, Lolitha RAMLAN that secretly send the form on behalf of Olla. In the arena, which also followed Shanty, Olla successfully become champions favorites.
Olla Ramlan telanjang
Various advertising and starred. In fact, thanks to one of the ads, he was often addressed as popular with ‘Morning Donna’. The sixth child of 11 brothers and partners Pissa Muhammad Ramlan Assarah started an acting career in soap operas SHAKILA.


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