Monday, June 16, 2008

Bikini Destination - Triple Fantasy [Blu-ray]

Bikini Destination - Triple Fantasy [Blu-ray]

Firstly, I must complain about the packaging of the Blu-Ray DVD, there are 3 stickers security, an opening on each side of the DVD. I fought attempts to get these off and it literally took about 10 minutes as they came off in pieces. It is excessive. I bought other Blu-Ray and HD-DVD (as well as standard DVD) that only the titles have a sticker on security, which is sufficient.

Regarding the content of this DVD, they could have done a little better. I read some comments complaining about the quality of models. I do not have a complaint here sexy bikini models on this program and many sexy and beautiful for me, even if they are not necessarily "super model". They seem fun and enjoyable-I'd certainly welcome to get acquainted with one of them.

I am a pro photographer and was a little disappointed by the lighting in most scenes. They fired in the daylight afternoon light and lighting is not really ideal for presenting models or landscapes. There is good reason why Sports Illustrated swimsuit photos are all either very early in the morning or sunrise to sunset, but never any time between both. This lack of good rich lush lighting gives a somewhat amateur feel this DVD, but they did the best of what they have, I suppose.

The image quality is excellent and really show your HDTV setup. However, it can also expose flaws in the model complexion. For me, this is a good thing because it's more real, I would certainly not choose to make it more blurred or whatever.

For all those who wonder, the bikini models are completely naked. This is not just another Bikini Destination video where the sexy models are in bikinis to attention.


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